Resident Rules for Rented Lots:

*** Violation of any of the following rules is grounds for eviction from the park and additional fees may be incurred. ****

  1. Keep your property free of debris and trash. No tires, mattresses, junk, etc should be kept on your lot.
  2. Do not put personal items on neighboring lots unless each lot is paid for in full with monthly rent. This includes vehicles, furniture, sheds, recreational equipment, and cages. You may only occupy your rented lots. This will be strictly enforced. Please do not encroach upon your neighbor’s parking space. Immobile cars are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.
  3. Small indoor pets are permitted. No exterior pets are allowed! All pets must be approved by the owner. Pets, while outside, must be on a leash at all times. Noisy, unruly animals will not be allowed to remain.
  4. Lawn should be maintained. Any yards that are cut by our maintenance staff due to tenant neglect, will be charged $25 grass cutting fee. Debris in the way of lawn maintenance will be subject to additional charges.
  5. No pro ration of rent will be made for tenants that move out of the park mid-month. Forwarding addresses will be needed for security deposit transfers.
  6. Management must be notified in writing 30 days in advance of a tenant’s intent to sell his/her mobile home. New tenants are subject to rental applications, background checks, and references prior to approval for residency in Pecanland Mobile Home & R.V. Park.
  7. All mobile homes must be skirted within 30 days of moving into the park. All existing mobile homes must have proper, completed skirting.
  8. No trampolines or swimming pools allowed in the park.
  9. No outdoor fires are permitted in the park. Fire extinguishers inside the mobile home are strongly recommended.
  10. Residents are responsible for keeping sewer lines clear between home and ground connections. No flushing of diapers, paper towels, etc. No grease, coffee grinds, food particles should be washed down kitchen drains. Any repairs found to be due to owner neglect will be charged to the tenant.
  11. Protect water pipes from freezing weather. If damage occurs to do tenant neglect, the tenant will be help responsible.
  12. No tampering with meter boxes or other electrical equipment.
  13. Management reserves the right to shut off water due to resident misuse such as leaks or dripping faucets. Please use water wisely.
  14. Park quiet hours are from 8pm – 7am. Please be respectful of your neighbors.
  15. No soliciting in the park. Please notify management of any soliciting.
  16. Complaints from neighbors about persistent, boisterous or offending conduct, excessive noise, or disturbing the peace is grounds for immediate eviction. You are responsible for your guests while they are visiting the park.
  17. Rent is due on 1st of each month. After 5th day without owner receipt of rent, an additional $30 late fee incurs. After 10th day without owner receipt of rent, the eviction process will begin.
  18. NSF checks will be charged an additional rent of $40. Payment after receipt of NSF check is due within 4 business days or eviction process will begin.
  19. Eviction proceedings will be commenced against a resident after the 10th day of delinquent payment. If legal proceedings are undertaken due to tenants default or violation of park rules, the legal fees and costs will be added as additional rent.
  20. Residents will be given 10 days to correct violation of park rules after receiving written notice. Failure to do so begins eviction process. Three violations occurring within 12mo period are grounds for eviction.

Updated November 2014


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